Hannah Weiss with Institute staffHannah Weiss felt captivated by psychology at a very early age, and she might not now be working full-time in a private practice if she had not found her way to the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis as a student in the Fundamentals program.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Weiss loved psychology and led her high school's psychology quiz bowl team to a state victory. Weiss studied the psychology of advertising in college, but soon found the field of advertising was not for her. She then attended Roosevelt University to obtain an M.A. in clinical psychology.

Midway through the graduate program, Weiss took a course on psychoanalytic psychotherapy. With an exciting introduction to the theory, Weiss chose to begin her own analysis with a psychoanalyst on faculty at the Chicago Institute.

Finding her own experience within analysis to be enriching and evocative, Weiss decided to enroll in the Fundamentals Program to pursue training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She felt welcomed by an enthusiastic and supportive faculty, and found the program both more affordable and better-suited to a working schedule than a Psy.D. or Ph.D. program.

Fundamentals has been a perfect fit, she says. Now Weiss plans to continue her studies in the Institute's Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy program next year.

"There's plenty to integrate and synthesize, particularly in my practice with patients," Weiss says. "It's a bit tantalizing, really. Fundamentals has been a sampling across the field of psychoanalysis, with courses on both theory and clinical approach. The program definitely whetted my appetite for more."

Hannah Weiss Interview, Spring 2017

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