Distance learning during class

Distance-learning students join in classes via video-conferencing


Distance-learning students attend classes with our on-site candidates and students via online video conferencing for a fully interactive educational experience. Individual supervision is arranged with our faculty using appropriate online communications technology.

History: partnership with China American Psychoanalytic Alliance

Our distance learning program began with the the 2015-16 academic year with graduates from the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance.  Known as CAPA, this program offers four-year intensive psychotherapy training over Skype developed by Elise Snyder, MD, a psychoanalyst in New York.

CAPA had been operating successfully for several years, and many graduates were eager to extend their training and become fully-qualified psychoanalysts. Dr. Snyder approached the Chicago Institute officials and a partnership was born. Since then students have enrolled from elsewhere around the world as well as across the U.S.  Distance students are enrolled in the Institute’s Psychoanalytic Education Program, as well as the Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychotherapy programs.

Integrated program

Institute leadership decided early on that distance-learning students would integrate into existing classes rather than receive a separate program. All classrooms at the Institute are equipped with technology to allow students elsewhere to participate fully in discussions, using a simple setup of their own.

Distance education has been an area of growth for the Institute. This reflects strong interest from China, with 12 students currently enrolled in certificate programs as well as from Iran, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Taiwan. Students currently enrolled reside in 6 states other than Illinois, as well.

The program offers a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning, allowing students to experience the differences and similarities in the psychological development of children and adults across the globe.

Visiting the Institute

As financial and visa parameters allow, distance-learners also have an open invitation to attend class in person at the Institute. Details on the recommended H-3 visa for students seeking training not available in their home country are available online from the United States Citizen and Information Services here.

Learn more

To learn more about applying to the Chicago Institute from outside the metropolitan Chicago area, please contact faculty member Dennis Shelby, Director of Distance Learning, at rdshelby@chicagoanalysis.org,  or our Director of Education Administration at education@chicagoanalysis.org.