Our Mission

The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1932. Our mission is to provide professional training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and to enhance psychodynamic study through research and scholarship. We also seek to apply these principles to therapeutic services for the public, offering treatment for children and adults at reduced fees, to the benefit of underserved communities.


About psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is both a theory of the mind and a method of therapy. As a theory of the mind, psychoanalysis provides a comprehensive, in-depth explanation of human beings—why they do what they do, why they want what they desire, how they become who they are. Psychoanalytic ideas and practice address what matters most to people, their families, social relationships, school or work life and community involvement. From everyday interactions to academic scholarship to current events, many psychoanalytic ideas are now familiar to all.  
As a method of therapy, psychoanalysis is exploratory and individualized. It foregrounds each person’s narrative, seeking understanding of the emotions and patterns of behavior that can interfere with the achievement of relationships, rewarding work and human connection.  
Psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic therapists serve as collaborative guides for those seeking their help. They understand symptoms not as the main problem but as a communication and a request for help. Focusing on meaning, they help connect clients’ current emotions and behavior to deeper, unconscious levels of the mind. Through this process, people navigate critical decisions and achieve change. 


Policies and Procedures of the Institute 

The Institute's sexual harrassment policy can be downloaded here 

Our most recent IRS Tax form 990, financial audit, and Confict of Interest policy are all available upon request by email to Carolyn Handler