Human beings and being human are at the core of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute’s mission. The Institute is dedicated to advancing knowledge of human beings— their feelings, thoughts and behavior—and to improving people’s lives.

Since 1932, the Institute has contributed to the expansion of the field of psychoanalysis through education and scholarship. Today, the Institute offers a contemporary model of psychoanalytic thought relevant to individual and community life.

The Institute’s education programs for mental health professionals provide advanced training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The Institute’s treatment centers provide psychoanalytically informed services for children, adolescents and adults. Its continuing education and community engagement programs bring psychoanalytic ideas to public discussions of cultural and social issues.

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Latest news from the Institute

  • ‘Spaghetti Junction’ Portrait Maps Out Connections Between Analysts, Famous Patients

    The Institute today hung a framed portrait that details the links between various prominent psychoanalysts and their students as well as those between analysts and some of their more well-known analysands.

    Entitled “Spaghetti Junction,” the drawing begins with Sigmund Freud in the center and radiates outward to those whom he taught directly or influenced. It also lists some of the more famous individuals who have undergone psychoanalysis.

    Psychologist and psychotherapist Ernst Falzeder drew this portrait, which appears in the Winter 2005-2006 issue of “Cabinet” magazine.

    “Much to my chagrin, no genealogical software known to me could handle this web of associations,” he wrote in the magazine. “What came closest, according to two software experts I asked, were either a program for electric circuits or one used by airlines for their flight schedules.”

    The detail of one section of the portrait on the right shows the link between Freud and Institute founder Franz Alexander. It also shows the link between Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe: both of them were patients of Los Angeles analyst Ralph Greenson.

    Stop by the front desk sometime to see the complete portrait!